Surround Dungavel Protest – Sunday 25 October

We Will Rise are organising the first Surround Dungavel – SHUT IT DOWN protest in solidarity with Surround Harmondsworth, Shut Down Yarlswood and the growing END DETENTION Movement across the UK. It is NOT time for a time limit it is time to SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!

We Will Rise previously organised the End Detention WeekEND in Glasgow and it was decided that regular protests outside Dungavel were the way forward to get the message across.

Locking people up due to their immigration status is wrong, there is no way to operate a humane or safe detention system. On the 28th and 29th of September there were suicide attempts within Dungavel, health care is non-existence and NO ONE should be locked up because of their immigration status.

Join us on Sunday 25th of October 2015. More details of transport and pick up points to follow. For information on how to get involved in organising this and ongoing protests and events with We Will Rise email





BUS TICKETS available here, leaving George Square at 11am returning for 5pm:


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