PRESS RELEASE: Protesters at Dungavel Call For End to Immigration Detention

Protesters at Dungavel Call For End to Immigration Detention
We Will Rise
Phone –  07440227972
Event – 12pm Sunday 25th October
For Immediate Release

Calls for the closure of Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre are intensifying as campaigners plan to hold a mass demonstration outside the controversial centre they have described as “racist and inhumane”.

Campaigners from all over Scotland will gather on Sunday 25th October in protest against the centre which detains asylum seekers indefinitely, despite having committed no crime. They are calling for the immediate closure of the centre and the end to the policy of detention across the UK.

Dungavel is an immigration centre 50 miles south of Glasgow, holding 249 detainees, and has attracted controversy since its creation in 2001.

In March this year, hunger strikes broke out at Dungavel involving 70 detainees protesting against their unfair and indefinite detention and their cramped living conditions. [1]

At the beginning of March, The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Refugees reported that Home Office officials were failing to follow guidance that detention should be used sparingly, that detaining immigrants was a substantial cost to taxpayers and also caused detainees to have mental health issues. [2]

HMIP inspectors to Dungavel also expressed concern at the “unreasonably long” periods some detainees were spending in detention, citing one case where an Iranian detainee had been held for two and a half years.[3]

The group We Will Rise which has organised the protest are calling for the closure of Dungavel and all detention centres across the UK. Yasmine Clara from the group said, ”We don’t want to see a time limit cap. Detention of Asylum seekers has no place in the UK who have committed no crime. There is no way to operate a humane or safe detention system.”

There have been protests outside all of the main detention centres in the last year. In June, hundreds of protesters went to Yarls Wood Removal Centre in Bedford after a Channel 4 broadcast of undercover footage revealed the allegedly racist and aggressive attitudes of staff. Staff were filmed referring to detainees as “animals” and “beasties”, with one guard saying of an inmate: “I’d beat her up.” [4]

Michael Tsonga who is an ex-detainee of Dungavel attending Sunday’s protest  said: “I did not know when I would be released. The bedrooms were overcrowded and I couldn’t see my family. I had done nothing wrong, it felt like prison.”

James Webber from Glasgow, who is also attending Sundays protest said: “Detention Centres are a relatively new phenomenon. They are not necessary and they are not inevitable. It is no way to treat people who have fled torture and persecution. We need justice and freedom, an end to racism and the scapegoating of immigrants.”

Note for Editors

The protest will meet at George Square at 11am on Sunday 25th October to travel by coach to Dungavel for 1pm until 3pm.

We are providing free coach spaces for asylum seekers and anyone who cannot afford a ticket.

Contact Info –
Phone –  07440227972
Facebook Event Page –






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